“The first sentence of every novel should be: ‘Trust me, this will take time but there is order here, very faint, very human.’  Meander if you want to get to town.”

– Michael Ondaatje, In The Skin Of A Lion, pg. 146

“Before the real city could be seen it had to be imagined, the way rumours and tall tales were a kind of charting.”

– Michael Ondaatje, In The Skin Of A Lion, pg. 29

“to act at all is always to be dispossessed, always continuously to apprehend ‘more’ in our own deed once it ‘occurs’ to us, than our first hazy probings towards the formulation of a performance could ever have expected.  Thus we are not exactly tragically or comically robbed of ‘our own’ but rather in every act from its very first inception we are both entirely responsible and entirely not responsible.”

– John Milbank, “A Christological Poetics”, pg. 126

“I feel, all of a sudden, that I’m being suffocated by reason, and by freedom.  My old ideals, an intellectual inheritance from Bertrand Russell, have come into conflict with reality.  I think there is such a thing as intuition, an emotional intelligence that instinctively perceives what can wound other human beings deeply.  And that nothing can be planned with reason alone, but that we should always bear in mind our ancient and stubborn animal instincts, our ancient and stubborn hearts.  To resist this can produce much unhappiness.”

– Hector Abad, “The Reasoning Heart”