“Winnipeg could have been one of the cities of the world.  Some of the world’s best people live there.  But of course we’re puritans.  So the place is just Winnipeg.  God help us…why do people hate beauty in this country the way they do?  As if I didn’t know the answer.  Imagine a flat plain…Not a narrow strip like you have here by the Saint Lawrence, but hundreds of miles of prairie stretching in every direction as far as the eye can see.  Imagine it green.  Imagine above it a sky so blue your eyes can hardly bear to look at it, and cumulus clouds pure white.  Imagine the whole sky seeming to move.  Like a great majestic bowl with the earth flat beneath it.  Sky the giver, earth the accepter.  Male and female…Now imagine a building made of grey granite, reinforced with steel smelted out of the best Lake Superior ore.  Imagine the building slim and light as a sword in front, and long and light in profile.  Imagine is six hundred feet high, towering off that flat plain, with set-backs like decks for gods  to walk on and survey the earth.  Imagine the sky blue and the white clouds moving past, so close to its pinnacle that you could stare up from the ground and see the slender profile of that building and think it was moving, too.  Imagine it…clean-angled, balanced, slender, light – mercilessly right.  And new, by God…like the country that made it!”

– Hugh MacLennan, Two Solitudes (1945) pg. 114

“This spring made winter an insulting opening offer, now the passing lane is getting harder to negotiate, thawing out and icing up again.”

– John K. Samson, “Longitudinal Centre”, Provincial