Allow me to first recognize that I have little to say that isn’t likely being said elsewhere and to greater effect.  My motivation for adding to the truly appalling number of blogs already extant is largely motivated by a desire to stay sharp; I’ve been out of university for coming up on two years, and as I hope to return to the hallowed halls in September, I need to a) get back in rhetorical shape and b) open myself up to the possibility that the brilliant thoughts I’ve been smugly thinking to myself may not be quite the diamonds I thought they were.  For such humbling I call upon you, gentle reader.  The final purpose I hope this blog will serve is that of a common place book – a place where I can keep a record of some of the things I read or listen to which strike me as getting at something particularly well.

I suspect there is little point in me going on about my interests as that will presumably come out in the things I post.  Suffice it to say that I grew up in a farming town in Southern Ontario, migrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba to pursue studies in English, Philosophy and Theology at Canadian Mennonite University, moved to Istanbul, Turkey for a year after graduation to teach ESL, and returned to Winnipeg in the summer of 2011.